Campagnolo C-record ‘era’ brake lever hoods

The correct ‘aero’ Campagnolo brake lever hood for your vintage race bike

As i just can’t handle seeing  post of people on eBay and Facebook selling these items and saying that they will fit on ‘all c-record levers’ i had to clarify things a bit so here we are…

Looking for information on c-record levers instead of just the hoods? click here for c record and here for nuovo levers or NR/SR/GS hoods


Suitable for:

  • First generation Campagnolo aero lever
  • Super record 4th gen brakes (note, the classic super record brake levers were used with these as well)
  • 1st gen Corsa Record delta
  • The famous cobalto brakes
  • Oh, wait they are all the same! (or not? More info in one of our next blog posts)

To be recognised by:

  • Your eyes…
  • No cutout for the quick release in the lever
  • Ribbing on top and bottom for ‘extra grip’ and most of all more cleaning work
Suitable for these levers:
  • Chorus
  • Athena
  • Corsa -record

To be recognised by:

  • Cutout for the quick release in the lever
  • Only ribbing on the bottom
  • extra edge on the side (top of the rubber isn’t smooth, but the bottom is) note: usually everything is smooth due to extensive use like your mom
  • A Little bit thicker than the previous model (more comfort and better durability. They still don’t give any comfort at all to be honest but at least they tried).
  • White, introduced in 1984 (on the Campagnolo victory levers).
  • Fits Triomphe (brown), nuovo record (brown, up to 1986), super record (brown and often white in ’85-87) and victory (white only).


  • Buy them from us! (send an email to QUICKRELEASE@LECYCLEUR.COM to order some) we have the second gen type hood in stock in black and white (most of the time) Universal as well.
  • Use soap and water to clean them ( with an old toothbrush and a water-based degreaser it usually works great).
  • Put some talk powder on them every month (note: can vary a lot depending on how much you ride your bike and the surrounding temperature (higher means more powder needed).
  • Mount them on your lever by putting on some talk powder or vaseline on the lever and hood and slide them on through the back of the lever.
  • You can fold them over to mount your handlebar tape once they are fastened on the handlebars
  • these are not made from natural rubber and therefore a lot more resistant to UV-light, although i don’t recommend keeping your bike in direct sunlight these should be able to handle it (but your tires won’t)

Definitely don’ts

  • Crash them, can’t think of anything else to be honest.

Like what you see but not what you need to know? Take a look at “Campagnolo c-record brake levers explained”

some used hoods old vs the new ones we sell


first generation NOS whitesold out
second generation C-record/chorus/athena white€32
second generation C-record/chorus/athena black€32

How to buy

For as long as our webshop hasn’t launched we ask to send us a message.

We need to know:

Item(s) you want to buy (hoods, tools, brake pads, bar tape, bikes, Campagnolo parts,…)

Your full name, address, Tel number, VAT number (if you run a business and need an invoice (for EU citizens))

We will get back to you with an estimate in shipping costs and VAT (for EU citizens)

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  1. Tom Lewis
    January 15, 2021

    Hi’I’m interested in purchasing a pair of Campagnolo Aero brake hoods, how do I find the price and go about selecting and ordering?
    Be safe in all you do.

  2. Samuel Hughes
    September 17, 2019

    I need gum color hood covers that matches 1974 Schwinns paramount and asking about polishing my Campagnolo component and what that would cost. Thanks

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      September 17, 2019

      for polishing, is the one guy i would recommend, I could do it too but to be honest you might have to wait a year for your stuff to get done. I’ve a bit of a lot of stuff to do right now (restoring a car, college, work in the weekends, expensive girlfriend, lecycleur,… as for hoods i got what you need (if they are for Campagnolo) send us an email to and we can work out payement and shipping cost (hoods are 25 euro, shipping to the usa is usually 4.5 euros for an enveloppe, without tracking, with it’s 36euros… I know, crazy)

  3. Steven Pielacha
    May 1, 2019

    Thanks for the info!
    I need a set of hoods for 1973 Superbe levers to go on my custom built Woodrup.
    What do you suggest?
    And how much for parts and shipping to Tucson, Arizona USA 85711

    Thanks, Steve

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      August 2, 2019

      hi, for old superbe levers I use new saccon hoods, extremely tough and cheap and look very well on a Japanese build

      saccon hoods

      this is a picture, you can find them on ebay from time to time or a local bike shop who can get stuff from saccon themselves or google saccon brake lever hoods, be sure that they are this style and not the larger ones or it won’t fit properly, they are available in black as well

  4. Eric Moon
    April 16, 2019

    I need a pair of Gum colored that match the design 84 to 88? If you have them let me know how much to get them to Montana, USA

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