Campagnolo brake lever hoods

The correct Campagnolo brake lever hood for your vintage race bike


  • Campagnolo “globe” logo.
  • Fits Campagnolo super record, nuovo record and other brands like Gipiemme Crono sprint, Modolo Corsa; Speedy, etc.
  • Note that they can be found on some NOS, NIB Campagnolo 50th anniversary groupsets (probably produced before the introduction of the new style shield logo hoods?) but most groupsets have the shield logo hoods (see below).
  • They exist in black for Campagnolo gran sport as well (introduced a little bit later).


photo from eBay seller “treader”
  • Originals are darker brown and sometimes red-ish.
  • Natural rubber and see-through (when using white bar tape you can usually see the tape through the hood).
  • Sometimes have a rectangular mark around the logo (zoom into the photo to take a look). This little mark comes due to an insert in the mould to replace the logo, probably because it wore out a lot faster than the rest of the mould (deformation due to the heat and pressure from the injection moulding).
  • If they are not in the original packaging they are usually replicas, A LOT of sellers on eBay sell replica hoods as genuine NOS (so beware when you are looking for a NOS pair).
  • If you are not certain if a pair is NOS or replica, write us a message at and in 99% of the cases we can see if it is a legit NOS one.


replica Campagnolo hood
  • A bit lighter of color (also see-through) and some appear to have sanding marks (due to a worn mold, rumor says that those are from the original Campagnolo molds).
  • There are darker brown replicas around there as well (logo is slightly smaller).


  • Campagnolo “shield” logo.
  • A Little bit thicker than the previous model (more comfort and better durability. They still don’t give any comfort at all to be honest but at least they tried).
  • White, introduced in 1984 (on the Campagnolo victory levers).
  • Fits Triomphe (brown), nuovo record (brown, up to 1986), super record (brown and often white in ’85-87) and victory (white only).


  • Natural gum rubber, see-through, dark brown, sometimes red-ish.

    NOS Campagnolo gum hoods shield logo brown, photo from (who got it from as far as I can see, if this is your content and you want it removed, please write us a message)


  • Other than the color basically no difference (white ones are the most durable and almost exactly the same quality as the original).



  • Use soap and water to clean them ( with an old toothbrush and a water-based degreaser it usually works great).
  • Put some talk powder on them every month (note: can vary a lot depending on how much you ride your bike and the surrounding temperature (higher means more powder needed).
  • Mount them on your lever by putting on some talk powder or soap or vaseline on the lever and hood and slide them on through the back of the lever.

Definitely don’ts

  • Use any kind of thinner or solvent to clean them (especially the brown ones, the white Campagnolo hoods are a bit tougher).
  • Trying to mount them via the front of the brake lever might cause damage like cracks or cuts in the hood.
  • Mounting the wrong hood on your lever, don’t do that, that’s as hideous as fat people in leggings, once it catches your eye and you can’t think of anything else anymore…

like what you see but not what you need to know? take a look at “Campagnolo c-record brake levers explained” for the aero style Campagnolo hoods.

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