Campagnolo SGR pedal cleats reproduction

In early 2020 we had a message from someone in Switzerland who read our post about C-record pedals. He couldn’t locate any Campagnolo Record SGR pedal cleats. They have become rather rare to find in good condition, so we got to work and reverse engineered them from a new old stock set.

These pedals were not very popular due to their habit of not releasing. I’ve been told some used to take their shoes off before yanking them off the pedals.

And I’m not even going to mention the weight…

Anyway, here we are, some drawing porn for the engineers among us.

Campagnolo SGR delta cleats

For now, we do not have the necessary hardware such as the square plates, washers and bolts to mount them, but if enough people want those we will look into laser cutting the parts and including them.

Original cleats vary between 40 and 90 ish euros per set.

The Lecycleur SGR cleats cost 30 euros for 1 set or 50 for 2

If we have to include hardware, that would add another 15eur per set. In the near future, not available at the moment. (You can find NOS kits on eBay for reasonable prices).

In 10/2020 our Prusa printer finally had some free time, so I could print a batch of prototypes.

11/2020 and they are sent out for durability testing.

10/2022 so far no complaints, ready for the public!

As production facilities improve, so will the surface quality of the cleats. They are made from 100% solid PET-G plastic (similar to fleece and water bottles) and are a direct fit for the old original SGR cleats

If you wish to receive them in a specific colour, message us first for the available options. For now they are either orange, ‘galaxy’ black or natural white.

How to buy 3D printed SGR pedal cleats

For as long as our webshop hasn’t launched we ask to send us a message.

We need to know:

Item(s) you want to buy (hoods, tools, brake pads, bar tape, bikes, Campagnolo parts,…).

Your full name, address, Tel number, VAT number (if you run a business and need an invoice (for EU citizens)).

We will get back to you with an estimate in shipping costs and VAT (for EU citizens).

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