Rik Van Looy’s Masi Speciale Pista

One of our purest gems…
Rik Van Looy’s own Masi track bike from 1967

This bicycle was used by former Belgian cyclist Rik Van Looy for the Willem-Gazelle team between ’67 and ’70.

The way we found it

As you can see on the pictures below, some decals are missing and the front wheel has been replaced. Other than that, the bike is in rather good condition!

We will be replacing the two gazelle head badge decals that were once on there (as you can see the paint has faded a bit and the clear coat has started to crack).

This bicycle has already been cleaned and the frame has been polished. The wheels are next in line, after those are done we’ll try to figure out what toeclips and straps Rik Van Looy used.

If anyone has an FB track front hub for sale… and a Duralca rim please send us a message so we can make this beauty shine like it did in it’s glory days.

Fun detail is the 300 grams Gazelle tube on the rear wheel.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rik van looy willem gazelle piste
Here is Rik in his road outfit
Racing against Eddy Merckx at Ghentin 1969 (Photo: archive Y. Longuevielle)
Racing against Eddy Merckx at Ghent in 1969 (Photo: archive Y. Longuevielle)

spec list as found:

  • Masi speciale pista frameset
  • Campagnolo Record Pista headset
  • ”bottombracket 65ss-P italian tread
  • ”Pista cransket 151 BCD 165mm with zink plated chainring bolts (instead of the more common chromed ones)
  • ”Pista pedals, 60s model, steel dust caps
  • Campagnolo Record seatpost (milled)
  • Early model Cinelli 1A stem (notice the blue decal below, the classic hex bolt and 7mm allen key (instead of all 6mm hex)
  • Cinelli handlebars with old cloth tape
  • Rear wheel: FB rear hub and Swiss made Duralca rim (marked VL in red, not shown in the pictures (yet)), Gazelle 300 tube chromed steel spokes
  • Front wheel: Nisi rim and Maillard hub, chromed steel spokes
  • Cinelli unicanitor with ‘n°2’ padding
  • English chain and ‘Williers’ cog (never heard of that?)

The previous owner already repainted all the white infills on the frame and milled parts on the seat post.

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One Comment

  1. Hi,

    I have in fact an FB front hub/wheel. Very old and all the spokes are rusty. I shall look for it.
    I can tell that I am the owner of an MASI road bike from 1956 ( I think). exactly the same bike Van Looy used. All campagnolo and the universal brakes. Love it.
    Those were the days ….

    Svend Ulstrup

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