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Wrenching on your vintage bicycle can be as much fun (or even more) than riding it.

In order to keep it a ‘fun’ hobby, we developed these ‘le Cycleur tools’ to overcome most of our (and perhaps your) hiccups when it comes to removing old and stubborn parts.

Order form and pricing below!

Multi pattern 6 pin tool

Let’s start with the most popular one!

You might know this one already from our previous blogpost https://lecycleur.com/tools/6-pin-multi-pattern-adjustable-cup-tool/

This has now been turned in to a ‘how to’ guide in order to properly use the tool.

Suitable for Mavic, Campagnolo, Sugino patterns and many more!

Also replacement pins available for other brands (Sugino, Shimano = M4, Campagnolo= M5, be sure to check which ones you need before you order)

Machined from 12.8 bolts, the strongest ones available

Mavic headset toolset

As seen from one of our previous blogposts, Mavic headset tools

Quite known already and praised by some of you on Facebook (thanks by the way)

Lock ring tool

Heard what you said when the wrench slipped. - )

Developed after just too many bleeding fingers and swear words, not to mention the slight anger from damaging mint rare aluminium lock rings by my own stupidity.

This tool should eliminate all of the above, apart from stupidity.

  • Looks cool
  • Great fitment on Campagnolo, Ofmega, Gipiemme, Sugino and most Shimano lock rings
  • Perfect fitment on Mavic bottom bracket aluminium lock rings, from the first up to the last generation!
  • Also fits certain track lock rings
  • does not fit TA Specialités and some other French brands
  • extendable with a 1/2″ ratchet wrench or breaker bar (although recommended using a plastic hammer to tap things loose).

Pedal wrench / fixed cup combo tool

We made these because some of you stubborn folks refuse to work with anything else than your clearly worn Campagnolo wrench, this one should do a better job.

  • 6mm thicc boi
  • REAX400 wear resistant steel. (no fancy stainless as this one requires its strength)
  • snug fitment
  • can take a beating
  • slightly longer for extra leverage

Warning, does not fit certain look pedals due to clearance issues! (you can of course buy 2 and grind one down to fit your needs).

Yes, I know those fixed cup tools are not ideal, scroll a bit down to the bottom for another possible solution in the near future. Good for mounting, but usually they are too stubborn unless if you add a couple of washers and fix it in place with a bolt of course.

Shimano AX-EX headset tool

Made from aluminium to keep those soft nuts undamaged.

Note that these are unidirectional, the bottom side on picture one (slightly longer and thicker edge) should be for pulling forces only.

Might make a fully closed model for extra stubborn top nuts too.

coming up!

Fixed cup removal tool


  • Wear resistant REAX400 steel cup ring
  • suitable for high torque and impact gun
  • mountable in bench vice

Should come in around 90 euro per tool

Interested? Let us know if the comment section or, in an email, would need to make quite a few of these to make it worthwhile


6-pin adjustable cup tool: €55
6 replacement pins M4 €29.5
2 replacement pins M4 (short) €8
2 replacement pins M5 (Campagnolo) €8
Mavic head set wrenches (set)€30
Lockring tool (set of 2)*€30
Lockring tool single€20
Pedal wrench/ fixed cup tool€22.5
Shimano AX-EX headset tool (set)€22.5
heavy duty Fixed cup removal tool (estimated price)€90
*you will want 2 of those for Mavic bottom brackets as they can spin in the bb shell

How to buy

For as long as our webshop hasn’t launched we ask to send us a message.

We need to know:

Item(s) you want to buy (hoods, tools, brake pads, bar tape, bikes, Campagnolo parts,…)

Your full name, address, Tel number, VAT number (if you run a business and need an invoice (for EU citizens))

We will get back to you with an estimate in shipping costs and VAT (for EU citizens)

Accept payments in USD, EUR, BTC, ETH

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