Campagnolo C-record ‘era’ brake lever hoods

The correct ‘aero’ Campagnolo brake lever hood for your vintage race bike

As i just can’t handle seeing post of people on ebay and facebook selling these items and saying that they will fit on ‘all c-record levers’ i had to clarify things a bit so here we are..

looking for information on c-record levers instead of just the hoods? click here for c record and here for nuovo levers or NR/SR/GS hoods


Suitable for:

  • First generation Campagnolo aero lever
  • Super record 4th gen brakes (note, the classic super record brake levers were used with these as well)
  • 1st gen Corsa Record delta
  • The famous cobalto brakes
  • Oh wait they are all the same! (or not? more info in one of our next blog posts)

To be recognised by:

  • Your eyes…
  • No cutout for the quick release in the lever
  • Ribbing on top and bottom for ‘extra grip’ and most of all more cleaning work
Suitable for these levers:
  • Chorus
  • Athena
  • Corsa -record

To be recognised by:

  • Cutout for the quick release in the lever
  • Only ribbing on the bottom
  • extra edge on the side (top of the rubber isn’t smooth but the bottom is) note: usually everthing is smooth due to extensive use like your mom
  • A Little bit thicker than the previous model (more comfort and better durability. They still don’t give any comfort at all to be honest but at least they tried).
  • White, introduced in 1984 (on the Campagnolo victory levers).
  • Fits Triomphe (brown), nuovo record (brown, up to 1986), super record (brown and often white in ’85-87) and victory (white only).


  • buy them from us! (send an email to QUICKRELEASE@LECYCLEUR.COM to order some) we have the second gen type hood in stock in black and white (most of the time) Universal as well.
  • Use soap and water to clean them ( with an old toothbrush and a water-based degreaser it usually works great).
  • Put some talk powder on them every month (note: can vary a lot depending on how much you ride your bike and the surrounding temperature (higher means more powder needed).
  • Mount them on your lever by putting on some talk powder or vaseline on the lever and hood and slide them on through the back of the lever.
  • you can fold them over to mount your handlebar tape once they are fastened on the handlebars
  • thes are not made from natural rubber and therefore a lot more resistant to UV-light, altought i don’t recommend keeping your bike in direct sunlight these should be able to handle it (but your tires won’t)

Definitely don’ts

  • Crash them, can’t think of anything else to be honest.

like what you see but not what you need to know? take a look at “Campagnolo c-record brake levers explained”

some used hoods old vs the new ones we sell

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  1. Eric Moon
    April 16, 2019

    I need a pair of Gum colored that match the design 84 to 88? If you have them let me know how much to get them to Montana, USA

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