6-pin multi pattern adjustable cup tool

note: there is a new model avalable! 9mm thick versus 3mm shown here

This blog post has yet to be modified but I can tell you it’s a bombproof tool now

Tired of pin tools slipping off or breaking the pins, damaging your precious aluminium super or c- record cups? Here is the answer! We developed a 6pin adjustable cup tool that will suit Mavic, Campagnolo, Gipiemme, Ofmega, Sugino, Suntour,… bottom bracket cups.

The idea came after we worked on the Mavic headset tools. As we were going to order a batch from the laser cutter I decided to make some more tools. A special lock ring spanner and this 6pin tool were the results of playing around in CAD.

The final result.

Laser cut from stainless steel.

After tapping, sanding and brushing they are comfortable and most of all they look nice on your tooling wall.

The tool features 2 patterns: one for the Mavic bottombracket 600, 600RD, 610RD/URD, 616RD. and one for all Mavic wheelsets and hubs. The only one that we have found so far that doens’t fit is a unicorn front hub that requires smaller diameter pins.

The other pattern fits all Campagnolo standard cups. So ofmega, Gipiemme, Sugino and some other Japanese cups will fit aswell.

This DOES NOT fit TA specialités and Stronglight cups (the ones I’ve got at least)

But wait, there is more!

You can lock the tool in place by using a large washer and a crank bolt to prevent the tool from slipping out of place.

Then to add that extra bit of “oumpf” you can add 1 or 2 1/2″ ratched wrenches for more momentum to break that rusted son of a b*tch free out of the frame.

For some reason I broke the pins, now what?

The pins are made of 12.9 m4 bolts, the highest class bolts you can find.

They will fit other original tools like Sugino, Shimano, Tackx etc.

They cost 24 euros for 6 replacement pins or if you just want 2 to fix your old tool you can buy those too.

Got some old Campagnolo tools you want new pins for?

No problem! We have got them too, They are made from 12.9 M5 bolts and will fit the old Campagnolo tool. If you haven’t got them yet I recommend swapping them out with the original ones before you destroy those on a stubborn cup.


6-pin adjustable cup tool:€45
6 replacement pins M4€24
2 replacement pins M4€8
2 replacement pins M5 (Campagnolo)€8

How to buy

For as long as our webshop hasn’t launched we ask to send us a message.

We need to know:

Item(s) you want to buy (hoods, tools, brake pads, bar tape, bikes, Campagnolo parts,…)

Your full name, address, Tel number, VAT number (if you run a business and need an invoice (for EU citizens))

We will get back to you with an estimate in shipping costs and VAT (for EU citizens)

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