gumwall tires

Aaaah, the never ending search for that perfect matching part for your bike. Which includes tires!

A few years ago they were hard to find but with the rising demand for classic looking tires (admit it, they look sexy) manufacturers are now producing a variety of beautiful classic looking tires.

Here are a few options.

Please note that prices may vary (a lot) and production of some models may stop without notifying our wonderful editors. If one of the models are not available anymore, please drop us a comment and we will update the post. If you know about classic looking gumwall tires that are missing in this list, that info is welcome too!

Picture Brand & Model TPI MSRP features
BLB black mamba / €25 23/28c, very very durable
Veloflex master 320 €48.99 23/25mm
Compass / €40-80 visit their website for a huge amount of gumwall tires, mostly for touring
Challenge elite open tubular 260 €29,95 black/gumwall 23/25c
Challenge strada bianca 260 €76,60 30mm
challenge strada pro 300 €61,50 25mm (tight ift)
Clement strada 60 €36,97 25/28c
Continental grand prix classic 180 €41,95 not everyone likes the letters but they can be easely removed with acetone
TUBULAR! A Dugast Paris-Roubaix / €76 the ultimate eroica/gravel retro tubular? 23/25/37c (watch out, tubular but worth mentioning as this one is very popular among the eroica fans
Gommitalia open espresso 290 €55,90 (no photo avalable)
Gommitalia targa K 260 €62,00 made in Italy! (no photo avalable)
grand bois col de la Madeleine £55,49 23-26-28-30c Named after the favorite mountain climb of the late Ernest Csuka, owner of Cycles Alex Singer. , be sure to check out the super legere aswell
Cheng Shin c740 / €11 photo is in black and white
Kenda k35 / 30.46$ price is for a pack of 2 but only in 27"
Michelin lithion 2 60 39.99$
Michelin dynamic classic / €12.50 one of the most sold tyres at this moment to pimp your ride!
Panasela panracer / €34.95 look great and durable
SOMA Supple Vitesse EX / $59.99 kevlar bead 23-42c
SPECIALIZED Turbo Cotton 320 80$ what can I say, they are sexy
Vredestein fortezza 120 €26,90 all weather
Vittoria open corsa evo 320 / hard to get
Vittoria open corsa sc 320 €47,95 replaced by corsa g+, might be hard to get
Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC II 320 €49,95 looks great, supreme ride
vittoria corsa G+ graphene 320 €75,27 fast, used by pros 23/25/28c, tubeless ready
Schwalbe lugano / €35.90 slightly lighter wall than others
Schwalbe active road cruiser / €17,90 might not fit your frame, smallest avalable is 32mm
Schwalbe Delta Cruiser 2017 / €17,90 cruizer, comfy and ideal for cityuse, not for racing, 28-32mm
Tufo Elite S3 210/375 €68 tubular clincher tire, no inner tube needed, comfort and speed of a tube mixed with the advantages of a clincher
Pyramid sunlite road / €10 only 25c

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  1. Xavier PIEDNOIR
    September 5, 2022

    Hey there,

    I know this is an old article, but just in case you feel like updating it, I would invite you to look at the Flanders and Cobbles models from FMB. Great tyres.

  2. Michael G.
    January 1, 2021

    I’m missing Panaracer Gravelking here. Used one set with slick profile on two Eroica Events with lots of Gravel plus lots of training rides and never had problems. Can e.g. be found on

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      September 16, 2018

      not anymore! 😀 thanks for notifying us

  3. John "Schwanz Helgerstromm" HInch
    September 22, 2017

    What about Clement FUTUROX? An older tubular sold by Boulder Bicycle for $22 US! I purchased 3 several months ago. They look great and the walls are very pliable and not dry.

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      September 22, 2017

      They look great indeed but we can only take in tires that are still in production as those will probably be sold out soon and then we are back again to the endless searching on the internet. So if you see any that look like it and can still be ordered everywhere let us know!

  4. Jimbo99
    August 31, 2017

    Kenda K36 is their skinwall. I have the 27×1 1/8″ and couldn’t be more pleased with them for a vintage bike from the 1980’s.

  5. Kevin Raymond
    April 18, 2017

    I use the Veloflex Master and they’re really, really nice – ride like a tubular, look like a tubular. They’re VERY tight to get on the rim when new though – best to fit them to an old rim with an old tube to stretch them for a couple of days, then they’re no problem. I can usually get them for well under 30 euros from

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