How to distinguish 1st and 2nd generation C-Record seat posts

With the C-Record groupset, Campagnolo also introduced the aero seat posts. So how do you distinguish first (left) from second (right) generation?

1983-1986, first generation C-Record seat post

Note: In 83 the C-Record parts were only available for exposition bikes and professional riders)

There are three main elements that distinguishes this first generation from its younger brother:

  1. The little rim right below the aero part
  2. The inscription. This first generation seat post reads “limit” while the second generation has “made in italy……limit”
  3. The chromed bolt and washer

One other thing: on the side it has casted a number in it, in my case it is “5”. I believe it is the date stamp since our 4th gen Super Record seat post hast this same 5 casted into the metal. I might be wrong, so shoot a comment if you wise men out there. If someone has a seat post with a 3,4 or 6 stamped into it, please let us know!

1986-97, second generation C-Record seat post

In 1986, the little rim disappeared and Campagnolo stopped using the chromed bolt and washer.

Common failures:

Failures are the same as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Super Record seat posts. Check our Super Record seat post comparison here.



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  1. stingray565
    February 13, 2021

    after 2 years, Anybody knows something regarding the meaning of number “5” ? ( I’m afraid it is something relative to injection mould)

  2. John
    February 1, 2017

    Hi, I just saw your website for the first time. Love it!!! And yes, I also share the same unhealthy adoration 😀 I look forward to your future posts.

    I do have a comment about the “5” fasted into the aluminium. I recently bought a 2nd Gen. C-Record seatpost with the same number, so I think it’s unlikely that it indicates the date.

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      February 2, 2017

      It’s a fast spreading money eating sickness indeed ;)… And we are working on +-70 posts at the time in most cases we need just a few parts or photo’s to finish something, just like a bike it’s that last nut or perfect handlebartape that makes it going so slown. Lately someone told me he had one that was clearly a first gen but with a couple of subitle diffrences to, I’m waiting for pics but who knows maby there is a 1.5th and 1.75th version just like the c-record rearderailleurs. Looks like it’s a never ending story haha, anyway your seatpost, could it be a first gen that has been repolished or machined to get rid of the edge? or a 27.4 that has been remachined to 27.2, I would certainly like to see some photo’s, you can send them to le Cycleur on Facebook if you want to

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