1978-79 Presto Amsterdam by Peter Serier

1978-79 Presto Amsterdam by Peter Serier

Presto, Amsterdam’s pride and joy. Straight from Holland, we present you this piece of brazing art.

As purchased:

Project number 52665265…

Well what can I say, amazing build quality by Peter Serier.

His frames can be recognised by the horizontal cutout at the seat lug. This cutout reduces the stress on the seat lug which will give you better grip on the seatpost when tightening the binder bolt. Some other fun features are the cutouts in the tubes near the dropouts.

We are planning on building this frame with Zeus 2000. And we invisioned the frame in a nice coat of black paint. Black always looks good, but as it was originally gold/red (we presume, because there is some paint left underneath the blue paint you see on the pictures below).

(At this point we were still convinced that this was the original fork and it would be a smaller project. That it just needed to be repainted, but boy we were wrong…).

During restauration:

As you can see, the frame has been sandblasted (airgumming method). Unfortunately we’ve got some rustspots on the toptube. But those should vanish in no time with some filler on the top of the tube. We’re also still looking for a Presto headbadge in good condition as the original one has been sanded down to bare copper by one of the previous owners.

Now that it is sandblasted and clean you are able to see the amazing details and craftsmanship (and yes, that black little spot is a piece of dirt on the camera’s sensor).

Nearly finished:

The frame is almost completely restored. We used epoxy primer and putty for the small rustspots on the toptube.

2K deep black glossy paint and fresh decals.

Now waiting for a fork to be build and getting it chromed and still looking for a headbadge!


Hah, got you there! At the moment we are awaiting the headbadge and the fork is about to be ordered (chromed). Once it’s finished there will be another update!

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  1. Peer Baneke
    December 20, 2020

    Hi all of you,
    I was very keen on cycling as a boy and saved up to buy a second hand racing bike. If fel in love with a second hand bike, gold/champaign colour, in presto’s shopwindow (then on the other side of the street, a corner shop). My parents matched my 250 guilders and I got my bike for 500. This was in 1960 – I was 16 and for one season, Stroober became my mentor, enlisting me to race for Le Champion. I loved sitting in his basement workshop. I stil have that same racing bike, with 1972 suntour set – and still ride it now and then. It has the original colours and the older ‘presto’ lettering, which i can’t see anywhere on the frames I see on the internet. I happily share a photo if anybody tells me where.

  2. Franz
    September 24, 2019

    Wow, maybe ill try my luck too, when its done. Thought about black or red, but now im more into milk-white or eggshell 🙂

  3. Franz
    September 24, 2019

    Hi, nice work!
    I also have presto serier project ahead. The frame is hanging around for two years now and there is also a zeus 2000 sitting in the sideboard ready to be mounted (off course pelissier 2000 hf wheelset). You ordered the headbadge somewhere or still searching? Best regards and good luck! Franz

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      September 24, 2019

      I miracilously got a headbadge from presto themselves, i’ve known for other people to be looking for one but they couldn’t buy one but i got one, he loved the paintjob 🙂 ill be mounting it when i have the fork

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