Campagnolo shamal track wheelsets

This is an overview of the popular Campagnolo Shamal track wheels from the 90’s

Note that these are all only available in tubular, unlike the road wheels which came in clincher and tubular.

1992 first gen shamal track

So far I’ve only seen one set of track wheels with these stickers, this is of course a road wheel as i couldn’t find any photos from a track wheel
  • C-record track hubs
  • Blue / striped stickers
  • Aluminium polished and anodized rims*
  • 16 spokes
  • Relatively rare, (for road and track)
  • Worth? a lot probably

1993-’95second gen Shamal track

  • C-record hubs
  • pink stickers
  • aluminium polished and anodized rims *
  • 16 spokes
  • Worth 400 for a heavily used pair up to 1200 euros for a mint pair depending on the tubes
  • Hubs are worth around 350 euros

+-96-??? Third gen Shamal track

  • Record pista hubs
  • a lot more common than the previous 2 versions
  • slightly less sharp rim, more curvature
  • pink stickers
  • aluminum polished and anodized rims (different process than the previous models
  • 16 spokes
  • worth up to €1000 in mint condition

Black Shamal track wheels

  • Record pista hubs
  • rather rare
  • white stickers
  • 16 spokes
  • with ‘brake surface’ but not machined
  • worth up to €1300 in mint condition

Current record Pista wheels

  • Basically the last set but everything anodised in matte black aluminium.
  • Record pista hubs
  • White stickers
  • 16 spokes
  • Retail for around €800 euro a set, worth between 3-500 second hand
Campagnolo Pista Wheelset – La Bicicletta Toronto

How to tell if you have got a Shamal pista rim or Shamal strada?

Well it’s very easy, Road rims have a tiny hole above the brake surface to ‘whip’ out any water that is in the rims while riding (centrifugal force). A track rim isn’t supposed to ride in the rain so there is your answer: no holes except the valve and spoke holes then it is track rim. Oh, and if someone has used a brake on your rims, shame, use it as a road rim then, it’s kinda worthless as a track rim


Defects to look out for

dented rims

  • 75% of Shamal wheels (especially the rear wheel) that I have come across have cracks around the spoke holes. Is this a serious issue? No I haven’t seen any snap in half but it does affect value and is handy to know (especially the older ones are prone to cracking)
  • Replacement spokes. Nearly impossible to find, you will almost always need a donor wheel set for spares
  • Rub marks from braking? Worthless, pay the price for the hubs, nothing more
  • Missing hubcaps, happens a lot as many track riders used oil instead of grease for their bearings, you can replace them with hubcaps from road hubs if you want to, no big deal (will set you back another 80€ worst case scenario)
  • The locking nut for the axle cones, breaks really easy, do not over torque!
  • If you have a set in storage be sure to use a pair of good wheel bags.

Here are some pictures of common defects on Shamal (track) wheels:

So, here you go, leave a comment if you have any thoughts or doubts, and share with your cycling pals if you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading!

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  1. Gary Aisbitt
    February 19, 2022

    Hi Jun, yes I do.

    • Jun Han
      February 23, 2022

      Is it for sale? if so whats the price? is there a private message option instead of just commenting?

  2. Gary Aisbitt
    May 10, 2021

    Thanks for the article, it is very informative. I now know that I have a pair of second generation track shamals that I believe are the sexiest track wheels ever made! The sad thing is they stay stored away in wheel bags and rarely see the light of day. Any tips on where I should advertise them to sell and where i can attract the right buyer / collector? They are in fairly good condition for a 25 year old wheel and have unused Vittoria Pista Evo CS glued on them.

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      May 10, 2021

      hi i often get people who ask if i have a set for sale if you can email me the pictures ill ask around if anyone is intrested

    • Jun Han
      February 18, 2022

      Hi by any chance do you still have those wheels?

  3. QIren Xie
    March 25, 2021

    I wanna ask do you still have these?

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      March 25, 2021

      hi i only got one set left

  4. October 5, 2020

    Ich habe eine Bahn laufradsatz der 1. Generation und eine gute Kamera. Wenn ihr wollt kann ich euch gerne Bilder schicken.
    LG Stefan

  5. Julio Ríos
    September 5, 2020

    Do you guys still have the Campagnolo Shamal Wheelset?

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