How to date Campagnolo record pedals

A comprehensive list of Record pedals from 1958 – 1987

Excluding the aero pedals launched in 1983, we are working on a seperate blogpost about those beauties.

As you know, Campagnolo was not always transparant about the exact production dates of parts. All the information below was collected based on Campagnolo catalogs, friendly bike builders and fellow collectors. If you have any extra information or hints, please drop us a comment below the blogpost.

Record 1958 – 1968?

In 1958 campagnolo introduced the record pedal.

This one has shorter axle threads than the later models. The design failed (stripped threads). The year after, they made them longer and removed the dustcaps for the pedal threads. They also made the guide for the straps a bit smaller. And last but not least notice that the dustcap had a little make-over.

  • smaller letters than second gen
  • steel dust caps
  • guide for straps
  • axles with rubber seal



Con Denti 1958 – 1968? (pista)

  • very rare
  • aluminium dust caps ’58-’59
  • steel dust caps ’59-late ’60s
  • not clear until which year they were made (any hints?)
  • axles with rubber seal
  • made with steel and aluminium plates (the aluminium ones are the rarest)

Record pista 1958 – 1987

Note that somewhere around 74′ the metal dust caps were replaced with plastic ones, other than that we can’t find or notice any other specific changes.

Somewhat around 68′ the axles were modified from rubber seals to riffled axles to keep the bearings clean.

Record 1968 – 1972

  • steel dust caps
  • guide for straps
  • riffled axles

Record 1972 – 1987

  • 2 types, one with plastic and one with steel dustcaps
  • riffled axles
  • no guide for straps

Strada version

Unfortunately it is not very clear when they changed from metal dustcaps to plastic ones.

The SL and SR pedals already had plastic caps at their introduction. The only difference we could find is the “tip” (to prevent the foot from sliding off) is a bit sharper on the older model. We assume they switched from metal to plastic in 73 or 74 but this is not certain.

upper one, metal dustcap, sharp point lower one, second model, plastic dustcap

Superleggeri 1972 – 1987

  • alloy cage
  • riffled chromed steel Cr-Mo axle
  • light but not durable
  • also called eco* Super Record or SL

*Eco Super Record, never heard of it? Most bicycles with a Super Record groupset have a steel bottom bracket and SL pedals. This combination was often called eco Super Record as it was a lot cheaper and just added roughly 150 grams especially on the second gen titanium axle. The jubilee groupset also had a Nuovo Record axle but Super Record pedals.

Strada version:

For the enthousiasts…

There was a pre-production SL pedal in 71, it has smaller letters and they didn’t have the bevelled reinforcing inside the cut-outs. So if you think you have one of these… drop us a message.

Pista version:

Fake vs the real deal

Back in the day a track pedal was about 1/3rd more expensive than a regular strada pedal. So it is very common to find Strada (SL or SR) pedals with a tuned cage. Luckily it is very easy to spot the real pista; It has little Micky mouse ears on the side and no strap guide.

Super Record 1973 – 1987

  • based on the superleggeri
  • titanium axles for maximum weight reduction

How do I know if I have Super Record or Superleggeri pedals?

  1. Weight: 260 grams (SR) vs 330 grams (SL)
  2. Titanium does not rust
  3. Titanium has a brownish color vs silver for chrome
  4. sharper point on foot retainer, photo #4 (not on pista)
  5. titanium is non magnetic (in most cases)

Comparison of SR vs. SL pedals

Photo 1,2 and 3 are SR strada vs SLpista


This set of pedals has not been sold to the regular public. We think these pedals were for exposition purposes only, with their model number stamped on them… very rare. There is a set of SL pedals to be found on google as well.

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  1. Daniel Thornton
    December 16, 2017

    I am trying to figure out with pair of these campagnolo record pedals I have. They have white leather French made straps but I can’t tell the cursive writing on them. My email is please send me an email so I can send you back a photo of them as I am trying to find out how old they are and more info thanks!

  2. John Jorgensen
    December 10, 2017

    I have two pair of early Superleggeri pedals with the larger cutouts. I considered the pair with the black cage to be 1970 and the earlier set with no anodizing to be early that same year or even 1969.

    The pedals with the model number stampings I associate with Raleigh bicycles from bikes assembled wihile working at a bike shop in the middle 1970’s in the USA.

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      December 13, 2017

      do you have any pictures? The full alloy pedals without any anodization are probably gran sport

      • John Jorgensen
        December 14, 2017

        I can take a few snapshots.
        Pretty sure the “raw” ones are Superleggeri as they have the ports for the straps and appear otherwise the same as the early Black cage set. The later downmarket pedals had a number of … I will call them “reductions” of detail and form.
        Not sure I can place an image in this field though.

  3. December 5, 2017

    Thanks for putting out this information!
    Is there not a mistake in the photos for the 1958 pedal? The second photo, with the caption “bottom: 1958” should read “top: 1958” shouldn’t it. The top photo shows the larger strap guide of the 1958 pedal I believe.

    • Bart Suykerbuyk
      December 5, 2017

      Indeed you are right! Thanks for the heads up, I will take care of it asap (edit, post is updated)

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