Terryn 1970s

A simple, clean 70’s Terryn steel vintage racebike

Since our first terryn frame we have been looking for another one, after a couple of months this frame came up for €120, eventually we got it at for a whopping 20…. Yes that’s the fun about buying infamous brands. the previous owner dismantled it. It was build with nuovo record and an Zeus 2000 brake set, unfortunately those parts were not there anymore, we did find the Original pantographed stem back, which I ended up paying 2,5 times more than the frame but it is well worth it

The goal is to build it with a Zeus criterium groupset and universal brakes, we are almost there except the hubs and derailleurs as we haven’t found any for a reasonable price (and I accidentally sold a front derailleur).

The frame

Yasmine has had an 8bar singlespeed for a long time but she had some issues with her wrists when riding so I had to find another frame that would fit her better and ride a bit more comfortable. aaaaand I needed something to put all those Zeus parts on that have been laying around for so long.

  • it isn’t such a high end frame as the other terryn we have but it is a pretty descent frame
  • not much filing done on the lugs
  • no open bracket but two cuts in the front lugs like some of the kessels frames
  • campagnolo pads and very thin metallic paintwork


  • Built by Kessels or Vaneenooghe? no confirmation yet
  • Tubing: 3 tubes Reynolds 531, rest is gaspipe
  • Frame height / Seat tube length: 56cm cc
  • Top tube length: 56cm cc
  • Wheelbase: 100cm cc
  • Weight: coming soon
  • Year of production: 1973 – 1976 (estimation)

Conclusion: a great, strong all rounder

All that’s left to do now is fit the last Zeus parts and build a wheel set

If you happen to have any questions or a toughts about this bike, let us know in the comments!



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