Eddy Merckx 1986 corsa extra

Restoring and building a 1986 Eddy Merckx corsa extra

Acquired on the vintage bike fair of Dessel in 2017 from J.Wuyts. Traded it for a repainted Merckx MX leader Telekom frameset (painted in bright yellow and used for racing), I could not spend anymore but could not walk away from this beauty either so I had to give that one up. The frameset was sold to me with a bottom bracket that was stuck and a stripped fork thread (bb is already out). I will need to braze the steerer and cut a new thread but that should not be a problem.

Eddy Merckx 1986 corsa extra 0XT 5514 A

Determination of the bottom bracket:

Mid 80s investment cast steel bottombracket, fixed cable guide:

0= 60cm cc seat tube

X= SLX tubing

T= person who finished the frame and prepped it for paint (can’t reveal name due to privacy)

5514= 5514th frame build that year

A= 1986


At Merckx bicycles you could order anything you wanted, there was a whole list of options you could choose from. Following is the list this one came with.


Ordered options:
  • Rear brake cable trough top tube
  • Full chromed rear triangle
  • Custom silver / red ‘fishnet” paint job
  • Full chromed fork
  • Non panto’d seat stay attachment (this is rather rare)

Because this frame is custom made, there will probably be no other frames like this one.


And now the big question!

What to build it with?

I am seriously considering Croce d’Aune, minus the brakes, I have a pair of mint condition chorus brakes laying around and an almost complete CDA drivetrain. But after the time it takes to restore the paint and steerer tube I might have changed my mind, who knows?


Building spec list

  • Cinelli XA Merckx panto cockpit
  • Mavic mach 4CD rims
  • Campagnolo CDA hubs, derailleurs, cranks, pedals, seat post, bb and headset
  • Campagnolo Chorus “monoplaner” brake set
  • Tires? whatever I can find that looks good

first update!

It has happened, it’s a complete bike now, i ended up searching for parts to complete the CDA groupset, had to buy a rear hub and a brake set, for now i don’t have the delta brakes yet. the good news is that i can ride it already but i’m not yet satisfied with the bike

still to do:

  • find fresh, non cracked hoods
  • mount some toe-clips and straps
  • repair the paint on the headtube

it looks slightly better in real life than on the photo’s by the way

Build specs:

  • Campagnolo Croce D’aune groupset from 1988 minus the brakes
  • Mavic ma2 rims
  • Vittoria open corsa tires 25mm
  • re-upholstered turbo saddle
  • sachs sedis chain
  • maillard compact 7vit freewheel
  • 3ttt handlebar combo from ’88
  • bike ribbon handle bar tape
  • for those who want to know, so far it has costed me 642 euro, i have a budget of 150 euro to find the brakes and +-50 for the finishing touches


And yes shame on me, i lost the cable adjuster for the rear derailleur… (well spotted if you saw it).

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